Worship & Music

Pastor Ralph Kraft

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers that assist the church council in providing worship service by working cooperatively with the pastor, organist, and choir (both vocal and handbells).

What We Do

For the Worship portion, we meet monthly to discuss upcoming special services and church seasons, such as Reformation Sunday, All Saints Sunday, Advent, Christmas, Easter, and others.  We are responsible for changing the liturgical settings throughout the year.  Additionally, we oversee the Altar Guild whom is responsible for preparing communion and changing vestments in accordance with the liturgical year.  They also make sure candles are filled with oil, flowers are placed in the sanctuary, and that the worship bulletins are out before worship service.

For the Music portion, we oversee the Hymn Planning team and the Altar Guild.  The Hymn Planning team meets to help pick out the music following the liturgical year.

Much of this team's work is "behind the scenes", but it is all done to God's glory.